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Your brand has unique needs and your EPoS system should be ready to accommodate them. We constantly work with our service providers to find the best possible package for your industry and to provide you with a low cost EPoS system that gives you a great deal.

Use our free comparison service to find the EPoS solution that best suits your business, and your budget.

Retail EPoS offers

You can find retail EPoS package offers that include both hardware and software designed to make your business run quickly and efficiently. Packages will vary, based on your needs and the provider, but can include:

Hardware for retail:

Touch screen display.

Chip and pin terminal.

Cash drawer.

Barcode scanner.

Customer display screen.

EPoS features for retail:

Loyalty scheme: Keep track of what your customers buy, and store their email and address to contact them about future offers.

Stock control: Keep your inventory up to date and receive notifications about high- or low-stock items.

Product look-up: Search the database for information about specific products.

Gift vouchers: Process vouchers.

CCTV: Keep track of till activity.

E-commerce and delivery: Connect online transactions and deliveries to your in-store EPoS database.

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Hospitality EPoS offers

From busy restaurants to small cafes, you can find an EPoS system offer that includes software and hardware that will help every single transaction go smoothly. Depending on the nature of your business, your needs will vary. Packages can include:

Hardware for hospitality:

Wireless order pads (servers can take orders and send them straight to the kitchen and the tab).

Kitchen display: Kitchen staff can see orders come in, in real time.

Chip and pin terminal or integrated card payment.

Screen display

Cash drawer.

EPoS features for hospitality:

Table planning functionality: Manage bookings and keep track of tables via your EPoS system.

Menu management: Helps maintain consistency and control cost across multiple locations.

Internet ordering: Integrate with in-house operations, send confirmation emails.

Delivery management: Keep track of customer details and delivery status.

Mobile EPoS offers

Mobile EPoS package offers can include many of the same features and capabilities as other systems, but they give you the flexibility to carry out transactions using a tablet or handheld terminal. Packages may include:

Handheld tablet.

Receipt printer.

Bluetooth capabilities.

Belt printers for mobile printing of receipts.

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With an overwhelming number of EPoS packages and providers out there, finding the right one for your business can be difficult. Our team of specialists can use their in-depth B2B market knowledge to help you find the EPoS solution geared for your industry.

Use our free comparison tool to compare packages and find an EPoS system that suits both your business and your budget.