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We work with the UK’s leading EPoS suppliers

Our partners are comprised of hundreds of EPoS providers which work in almost all business industries, including hospitality, retail and service.

Our service lets you compare EPoS suppliers quickly and easily so you know you’re getting the best solution. When you search through us, you can be confident we’ve already scoured the market for you, and you’ll end up with the best solution for your business.

For both hardware and software, the EPoS market is saturated with options to choose from. Our team of experts and specialists have hand-selected the leading EPoS suppliers in the UK today, to make sure that you get the best EPoS offers from the best suppliers in the country.

And it’s not just about the hardware or just the software. You can buy from our suppliers in confidence knowing they provide great all-round service too.

We help you pick the right EPoS supplier for your business

We understand that it’s essential for you to choose the right supplier of your EPoS system. Different sectors and industries have entirely different needs, so choosing a distributor that understands your requirements is of the utmost importance.

EPoS Compare has a specialist team that constantly explores the market to ensure that our partner list can provide the right solutions for different business needs. We do this so that if you ever have a question or query, you’ll be given the best guidance to make the most of your EPoS system.

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Wondering how we work with our EPoS suppliers and distributors, or just have a question about our service? Just use our contact form to get in touch and we’ll do all we can to help. We’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.

Our EPoS partners

Read about some of our partners, and how they can help your business to grow and succeed. We constantly update our partners list and we currently work with more than 100 EPoS providers. A sampling of our partners includes:


Specialising in hospitality and retail, 3S POS develops both hardware and software and provides continual support.


Casio is a leading global technology brand, with retail and hospitality EPoS systems that come with the capabilities you’d expect from a household name.


Developed especially for restaurants, Comtrex EPoS systems are designed to provide a comprehensive overview of every part of your business.

EPos Direct:

A range of sectors, including hospitality and retail, are catered for by EPoS Direct, with a selection of hardware and software solutions available.

EPos Now:

Cloud-based point-of-sale solutions specialising in retail and hospitality. A versatile and customisable system with exclusive access to Epos Now's POS AppStore, the first of its kind in the UK.

ICR Touch:

With EPoS systems available for retail and hospitality, ICR Touch specialises providing its solutions through a broad network of local EPoS providers across the UK.


IKA EPoS specialises in EPoS software and hardware for a wide variety of retail and hospitality sector businesses.


NOBLY provides complete iPad-based EPoS solutions for a wide variety of businesses, including restaurants, cafes, mobile catering, and health and beauty services.


REPoSs is the UK’s leading EPoS supplier for independent convenience stores and newsagents, with expert solutions for small businesses.


Specialising in the hospitality, leisure, and gaming sectors, Tevalis has developed into a leading EPoS supplier around the world.


EPoS solutions for all businesses within the hospitality sector, Tissl offers single and multi-site services.


Vend provides web and iPad-based EPoS solutions for all businesses within the retail sector, with multi-store, mobile technology and offline systems and software.

Good Till:

Good Till is one of the UK's most intuitive and affordable iPad POS Systems, giving you the power to manage and grow your business with ease!

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